Pharmacy Management System

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Pharmacy Management System

Our pharmacy management system is built to manage the medicine stock, especially those usually on the most demanded list for every customer. Also, it makes sure to record bills, refill, and remove the expired ones. Our pharmacy management system transforms all works, like administrative finance and overall operations, into one system. We understand your hassle and the challenges you face to maintain all these activities manually that's why we built this just for you and your business.

Our Pharmacy management system is mainly a managing system consisting of data entry, retrieval, and monitoring stock sale, customer records, and administrator records of each drug’s minimum quantity. It also offers a string search technique in this system; users can search any by using the drug’s name code or description of drugs.


  • Monthly Sale Report
  • Medicine List
  • Medicine Stock Info
  • Supplier Invoice Management
  • Medicine Management
  • User Management
  • Payment Method
  • Add Users Role and so on...

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What Does This Software Do For You?

  • Track Expenses
  • With our pharmacy management system, you can easily calculate daily, monthly, or yearly revenue and expenses. Moreover, you can access it anytime from anywhere with any digital device.

  • Automate Your Account-Book
  • Only Within one or few clicks will provide the complete financial statements anytime, anywhere to you, the admin. And without a doubt, it can transform your whole system with automation.

  • Information Availability
  • Through our pharmacy management system, you can boost your customer service with great customer satisfaction. It gives you the option to store all the customer's data so that you fulfill their needs with them as per special days, occasions, and offers.

  • Reliable Information Retrieval
  • Our pharmacy management system automatically tracks the daily activities, such as historical data, output data, etc. Hence helps to speed up your skills and efficiency in at work.

  • Professionalism
  • There's nothing more attractive than a pharmacy store with modern management system. This reduces local record keeping as all record will be kept securely online. Thus, making you store up to date.

  • Makes You Standout
  • A-Vibe Web Development Hub pharmacy management system makes you have an edge over all your competitors around by adding top notch management style to your business.

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